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Hongfe18 (불끈전자)

Hongfe18, also known as 불끈전자, is a skilled professional in computer operations and streaming setups with extensive experience in the tech and entertainment industries.

Professional Background:

  1. Computer Store Management: Operates a store specializing in computer assembly, repair, sales, on-site services, and consultation.

  2. Streaming and Stage Setup: Expert in setting up internet broadcasts and stage setups, researching various equipment for optimal performance.

  3. Key Achievements:

    • Set up equipment for popular streamers like 서새봄냥, 고라니율, 문뚜야, 뉴나랑, 여울, and 굥이.

    • Managed esports tournaments, including server creation and event operations.

    • Provided broadcast setups for events like PlayX4, One-person Media Festival, and G-Star.

    • Partnered with Aputure Amaran for lighting sponsorships and sales.

    • Collaborated with Sony on equipment-related projects.

  4. Current Activities: Streams on platforms like Twitch and Chizizik, offering online consultations and information exchange with industry professionals.

Hongfe18's expertise and dedication make him a trusted name in streaming setups and tech solutions. Whether you're an individual creator or a company, he can enhance your broadcasting experience.

  • Twitch
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
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