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Choha (초하)

Meet Choha, the dynamic game streamer known for her diverse gaming content across multiple platforms including Switch, PS4, and PS5. Beginning her Twitch journey in 2016, Choha initially focused on console gaming but has since shifted her attention to FPS titles like Battlegrounds and other new releases. Apart from her gaming prowess, Choha has a passion for baking and cooking, often delighting her followers with shows featuring her favorite pastime. Dubbed as "Bbang (bread)" or "choha bbang" by her fans, her culinary escapades add a unique flavor to her broadcasts.

With a global audience, Choha effortlessly communicates in languages such as Korean and Japanese, creating an inclusive environment for her viewers. She believes that the essence of streaming lies in the interaction with her audience, where she can share surprising reactions and engage in comfortable conversations. As her following continues to grow, Choha eagerly anticipates the expansion of her channel, aspiring to evolve alongside her community.

  • Twitch
  • Youtube
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