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Hattie (헤티)

Introducing Hattie, the newest member to join the ranks of NPE. Hailing from the vibrant cosplay scene of South Korea, Hattie brings with her a wealth of experience and creativity that has earned her a dedicated fan base surpassing 900,000 across multiple online platforms. With her talent for crafting intricate costumes and bringing beloved characters to life, Hattie has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

When she's not wowing audiences with her stunning cosplays, you can often find Hattie live streaming on Twitch, where she shares her passion for cosplay and engages with her fans in real-time. Additionally, she actively participates in professional cosplay competitions, showcasing her skills and craftsmanship on a larger stage.

Beyond her cosplay endeavors, Hattie's interests extend to the world of animation, where she finds inspiration for her next cosplay projects. Her love for animated characters fuels her creativity and drives her to continuously push the boundaries of her craft.

Whether she's exploring new cosplay ideas, or entertaining her audience on Twitch, Hattie's passion and dedication shine through in everything she does.

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