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Rulli (룰리이이)

Introducing Rulli, the newest addition to the NPE family, whose vibrant personality and exceptional dancing skills are sure to captivate audiences. With a background in Korean traditional dance, Rulli brings a wealth of experience as a professional dancer and instructor, showcasing her mastery in styles such as Waccking, girlish, and twerking.

Rulli's talent and dedication were recognized when she clinched first place among 100 competitors on the esteemed Afreeca TV show "Up To You Season 1," solidifying her reputation as a dance powerhouse. Since embarking on her Twitch journey in November 23, Rulli has been rapidly amassing a loyal following with her infectious charm and mesmerizing dance routines.

Beyond her prowess on the dance floor, Rulli leads a multifaceted career, working on various music video shoots, gracing the catwalks of shopping malls as a model, and making waves as an Instagram fashion influencer. However, perhaps her most surprising passion lies in baking, a hobby she shares with her audience by crafting cakes on-air and even sending homemade cookies to her viewers.

Join Rulli as she leads her colorful broadcasts, enchanting audiences with her diverse charms and dynamic performances that are bound to leave a lasting impression.

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