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Sora, a multi-talented artist from the Republic of Korea, wears many hats as a Singer, MC, Reporter, Model, and Twitch streamer. In 2016, she showcased her vocal prowess as the main vocalist of the K-pop girl group BulldoK, known for their hit song 'why not.' Transitioning to 2019, Sora took on the role of lead vocalist in the K-pop girl group Peace, captivating audiences with their song 'Yallacha.'


The year 2020 saw the release of a musical OST album titled '폭풍속에서,' followed by Sora's solo journey in 2021 with the release of her single album 'Thank you,' featuring the track '시계바늘.' Making waves in 2023, Sora made a triumphant return as a solo artist with her first single album 'Hit The Road,' and even graced the stage of the popular television show "Show Champion."


Beyond her musical endeavors, Sora's passion for music and dance radiates positivity, creating a dynamic and enjoyable experience for all her viewers.

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