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Introducing Lenchu, a talented singer-songwriter whose musical journey has captivated audiences worldwide. Her remarkable career milestones include the release of her debut solo album "Snow Black" in 2017, followed by the inception of her music-focused Twitch broadcasts in 2018, which have since become a staple of her artistic expression.

In 2019, Lenchu achieved second place in the prestigious Afreeca TV official "Singer Project," solidifying her place in the music industry. Her creative prowess reached new heights with the release of her album "Delusion" in 2020, where she showcased her skills as a songwriter and composer, crafting every song with meticulous care.

In 2022, Lenchu's talent was recognized on Twitch's official show "Twitting Love Workshop" by 공혁준X산범, further establishing her as a prominent figure in the streaming community. Despite facing challenges such as muscle tension dysphonia, Lenchu embarked on a new chapter in 2023, transitioning to guitar broadcasting and incorporating the electric guitar into her performances.

In her recent streams, Lenchu dazzles her audience with captivating dance and music performances, all while engaging in lively conversations with her viewers. With each broadcast, she continues to enchant her growing fan base, showcasing her unwavering passion for music and genuine connection with her audience.

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