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Yeoul, a prominent Korean streamer, captivates audiences across multiple platforms with her dynamic content. Boasting a dedicated following of 150,000 on Twitch, 50,000 on Instagram, and 10,000 on YouTube, she continues to garner widespread popularity.

Known for her versatility, Yeoul fearlessly explores a myriad of genres including gaming, communication, dance, culinary showcases, beachwear features, and globetrotting adventures. Her repertoire spans over 300 titles, encompassing all major gaming consoles and peripherals, showcasing her prowess across the gaming spectrum.

Yeoul's journey includes notable achievements such as her participation in Twitch Korea's Battlegrounds streamer competition, where despite being eliminated, she leveraged the experience to secure victory in the 'CROWZ BLODY WAR 2022' FPS team event against Japan.

Diving into the immersive worlds of the Soul Series and various racing simulations utilizing Trustmaster T-300 Wheels, she mesmerizes audiences with her gaming finesse. Additionally, Yeoul has lent her talents as a caster to prestigious gaming events like G-Star, Seoul Popcorn, PlayX4, and Korea Creator Festa, further solidifying her presence in the gaming community.

Beyond the gaming realm, Yeoul has graced the catwalks of SEOUL Fashion WEEK, showcasing her versatility as a model. Embracing an adventurous spirit, she actively seeks out new experiences and relishes in outdoor activities.

As Yeoul continues to embark on her journey, we invite you to be part of her exciting future filled with boundless opportunities and joy.

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