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Introducing Yunicorn19, proudly brought to you by NPE, an internet personality with over a decade of influence under her belt. Yuni, as she's affectionately known, thrives in the digital realm, captivating audiences with her engaging content on Twitch. From sharing her daily adventures, dancing, and bonding with her beloved pet Corn, to unveiling her latest musical creations, Yuni's streams are a dynamic blend of entertainment.

Beyond the realm of Twitch, Yuni extends her reach to YouTube, where she co-hosts and serves as an MC for the popular channel, 안될과학 (Unrealcience). With a passion for music, Yuni's artistic endeavors transcend the screen, as evidenced by her notable releases, including "Tier4 - Summer Fire" in 2020, the November single album of 2022, and the captivating "Seasons MV - Blossom" of 2023.

As we eagerly anticipate Yuni's next moves, we're thrilled to witness her continued evolution and creativity in shaping digital culture.

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